A Woman Harassment in the Metaverse

A Woman harassment in the Metaverse is a hot issue nowadays.

The “Metaverse” buzz sparked by Facebook and switching its names to Meta in January of last year increased. A mother of four who was 43 years old in the USA spoke about the sexual assault she suffered online.

Metaverse, which is short for “meta-universe,” is distinguished as a virtual world in which the real and virtual collide in a sci-fi world and lets people switch between various devices and exchange messages within a virtual world.

Since the switch of Facebook, its Corporate name from Meta, all the world’s attention has been shifted towards the virtual world known as Metaverse. While it is now common to work or even buy property on Metaverse recently, this universe isn’t without dangers…

In the USA, A mother of 43 identified as Nina Jane Patel said that she was assaulted sexually by a gang within a few hours of becoming a part of the online realm of Facebook.

Woman harassment in the Metaverse

Patel, who made an avatar of herself, explained that three men were targeting her avatar.

The report said that the event was held in an online universe where users’ avatars meet and interact and explore rapidly expanding virtual worlds like parks, cities, or cafes.

In March, Patel is a mom of four and went into the “lobby,” an online space that acts as the gateway to the Metaverse world. Within a few seconds, she was confronted by male avatars who sexually assaulted her, slapped her with sexual innuendo, and assaulted her while she attempted to get away.

I am concerned about my daughters’ safety.’

The woman, 43, said that she had removed her headset to get over this awful experience. It closed her eyes and let her view the world the same way as her avatar.’

Even though he believes that the avatars didn’t physically harm Patel, Patel expressed that he was anxious about what he was experiencing and particularly concerned about the security of his daughters.

“”I entered the Horizon Venues Metaverse in an avatar that looked like me. I’m middle-aged, blonde, wearing short-sleeved jeans and a long-sleeved shirt,” Patel said. The room I entered was a lobby that resembled an entrance to a theater. Within 60 seconds, three avatars appeared before my body and touched it inappropriately, all with male voices. They took pictures of my upper and lower body and touched my avatar before I realized the reason behind it. While doing this, they would say things like, “Don’t pretend that you are not happy about it.” I tried to flee, and they were following me. I was not aware of who they were or had the time to remain and look into it.” She detailed the harassment she endured online through her comments.

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