Artificial intelligence Supercomputers for the Metaverse will be ready this year

Artificial Intelligence Supercomputers are currently translating the text into various languages and aiding in detecting the potential danger of some content; however, the next generation of AI will require computers with high-end hardware capable of performing the equivalent of a quintillion transactions per second.

AI Research SuperCluster (RSC) is set to be one of the most powerful when construction is completed in mid-2022, Meta said.

Therefore, AI Research Supercomputer (RSC) will be among the most efficient when it is complete in 2022, according to Meta (formerly Facebook).

RSC will assist Meta AI researchers in building better AI models that can be trained from trillions of data points and work with many languages, and analyze texts with speed; and images, video, text, and texts simultaneously; create new tools for augmented reality and much more.

In addition, it will aid in the creation of new technologies that will be used in the following central computing platform, the Metaverse, in which applications or products made possible with AI will play a significant part.

Artificial Intelligence Supercomputers : Another step to construct the Metaverse

Artificial Intelligence Supercomputers

By implementing RSC, Meta engineers will be able to speedily develop models that employ multimodal cues to decide if the action or sound and image are harmful or not.

This research will not just aid in keeping people secure on Meta service and help shortly as the Metaverse develops.

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