Digital Expansion into the Metaverse

Nowadays, Companies are Busy in Digital Expansion into the Metaverse. The increasingly natural development of the Metaverse has made many companies from within and outside the country compete to expand there.

Expert’s Opinion about the Digital Expansion into the Metaverse

Digital Expansion into the Metaverse

Responding to this phenomenon, the Observer of Culture and Digital Communication, Firman Kurniawan, explained the Metaverse would have high economic development. It will attract companies to enter the Metaverse world.

“According to a Bloomberg survey, the economic value of Metaverse in 2030 could reach USD 800 billion and will grow to reach USD 2,500 trillion in 2045,” said Firman to, Friday (18/2/2022).

“”So, the dominant activity in the future will occur in the Metaverse. Companies that have entered from the beginning have additional points because the brand has already been known in the Metaverse, and the interaction between brands and consumers has been formed,” Firman continued.

In addition, Firman said that the benefit of many companies entering the metaverse world is that users or consumers can get services from a brand directly without going to the place.

“In the future, all activities will be more in the Metaverse, starting from playing, watching concerts, to office meetings. After we are tired of doing these activities, we can go to McDonald’s to order food which will later be delivered to our address in the real world, “explained Firman.

These activities can all be done with 3D or Augmented Reality technology, and we feel it, unlike the social media we use today.

According to Firman, the important thing that companies entering the metaverse world need to pay attention to is giving or bringing goods that also have value in the real world.

McDonald’s, for example, if we buy rice packets in the real world or something else, then that must also be brought into the Metaverse world. Don’t let Mcdonald’s sell NFT paintings in the Metaverse,” said Firman.

Although it comes with various benefits, the emergence of various companies in the metaverse world can also have a negative impact, for example, data leakage.

“”The negative impact of the entry of the Metaverse is a matter of data security or the hacking of personal data. In this case, companies must be able to protect consumer data from being leaked. Of course, there must be new implications that can protect consumer data to keep data safe,” said Firman.

“Almost every month now, we always see that there are institutions that experience data leakage. So even though the technology is getting more sophisticated, the possibility of data leaks can still occur,” Firman added.

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