Manchester City Metaverse Stadium

One of the major English Premier League football clubs, Manchester City, is building a replica of the Etihad Manchester City Metaverse Stadium, which is their headquarters in the Metaverse.

On Friday last week, the team announced they had signed a three-year agreement with Sony, which will provide virtual reality experts to use image analysis and skeleton tracking technology from its subsidiary Hawk-Eye.

The Future of Manchester City Metaverse Stadium

Manchester City Metaverse Stadium

Manchester City hopes fans will enjoy all the benefits of virtual stadiums, although COVID-19 restrictions still hamper travel options for some.

The ability to watch matches in an immersive metaverse world can be a relief for fans wanting to experience the game’s setting again.

“The Sony Hawk-Eye subsidiary has long been dedicated to improving sports for viewers and officials. It helps officials make in-game judgments in real-time with dedicated replay technology,” said City Football Group Chief Marketing Officer Nuria Tarre, as quoted by Cointelegraph. Tuesday (1/3/2022).

The increased interactivity and ownership of virtual goods is a remarkable asset to have a base in the metaverse. Manchester City may well take advantage of both opportunities to give fans worldwide more accessibility to teams and stadiums.

Another English Premier League football club, a rival, Manchester United, also shows a similar interest, but from the crypto industry. Manchester United has also pushed into the Web3 ecosystem with a new partnership with Tezos announced on 10 February.

Tezos will become the team’s official crypto partner and training kit and can also help develop digital merchandise.

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