PUBG Game and Metaverse

PUBG Game and Metaverse Developer Enters NFT World.
PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) game production company, Krafton recently announced that the company had officially joined the NFT and Metaverse industry.

To realize that NFT Metaverse Krafton has a partnership with two significant Korean firms, specifically Naver Zepeto.

The intention is that Krafton will draw on its experience with PUBG gaming online to create virtual worlds built on content created by users on web 3.0 and NFT project.

In the meantime, Naver Z – a subsidiary of Naver, will be managing metaverse services and social and community services as per IGN on the day before (14/2/2022).

“This Krafton and Naver Z partnership is supported by the knowledge and experience of their respective businesses and a global outlook towards the NFT and metaverse-driven technological future,” stated HyungChul Park, Krafton web 3.0 team leader.

“”By merging Krafton, Naver Z, and Zepeto technologies, We believe that we can create an open metaverse based on high-quality content and bring the world’s economy of creators to life with NFT technologies.””

The two companies have announced their partnership during the hours following Krafton’s investment of Seoul Action Blue (worth USD 2.5 million/Rp 35 billion) and its subsidiary Xbyblue (purchased shares for USD 4.1 million or Rp 58 billion).

PUBG Game and Metaverse

The practice of Counterfeiting Assets is prevalent across the NFT Marketplace.

However, Cent, the NFT marketplace which sold Jack Dorsey’s initial tweet assets for US$2.9 million, has shut down the majority of transactions because a lot of sellers are selling tokens of content that do not belong to the individual (NFT fakes).

As of the 6th of February, 2021, Cent has stopped buying and selling. The Cent chief executive officer and co-founder Cameron Hejazi told Reuters.

“There is a variety of what can happen, generally speaking, it shouldn’t happen (legally),” said Hejazi as quoted in a report on Monday (14/2/2022).

3 Major Problems With Asset Counterfeit in PUBG Game and Metaverse

He outlined three major issues that he identified: the sale of non-authorized copies of NFT and people who create NFT content that isn’t theirs and sellers of sets of NFTs that resemble securities.

Hejazi stated that the issue was widespread, with many people printing counterfeit digital images.

“It is happening. We’ll block infringing accounts, and however, it’s as if we’re playing a game of whack-a-mole. Another pops on the screen when we block one account; then three appear,” Hejazi said.

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