The Concept of Metaverse Investments

The Metaverse is merely a concept. It’s a relatively new technology-based concept, however, one that was first introduced in a novel published in 1992 (Snow Crash, written by Neal Stephenson). The book depicted a virtual universe, identical to the real one and where its users could interact in a manner identical to the real one. Facebook was the first to adopt this idea.

However, to date, the Metaverse concept isn’t changing. It’s just an idea on paper that doesn’t have any tangible progress. It’s something that (for the moment) doesn’t exist.

What Is (Or Would Like To Be) In The Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a virtual universe that is a parallel world to the real world, in which users can design their personal lives and relationships. It is a place where you can choose from the most basic concepts (name and appearance) to the skills and profession associated with your “character”. Social interactions, professional activities (virtual working), and commercial transactions (purchases to live a virtual life), can be carried out in this virtual world.

The Objective of the Metaverse

metaverse objectives

Create a common platform that can accommodate other technological concepts already in existence but whose use is extremely complicated (or not possible) to implement in real life.

Of these six technologies, experts avoid releasing recommendations on the three first ones because one of our most fundamental guidelines is not to issue any recommendation regarding something we aren’t sure about or is too difficult to comprehend, like cryptocurrency or any other digital tangible asset like the ones mentioned above (NFTs and digital Real Estate, etc.). According to the company, they consider them to be highly risky and are pseudo-active aspects:

– Absence of regulation/supervision

– Extremely high price volatility

– Identity of issues (loss of confidence)

– The absence of fundamentals in finance

However, they see the potential for investing indirectly through companies that manufacture the software or hardware required to create and utilize the potential in the Metaverse.

Facebook oversees the creation of the concept. Facebook just switched its name to Meta (short to mean Metaverse) to clarify its goals. To illustrate his idea of what the concept is, they are currently developing gloves and other items that can send virtual sensations into the user’s body.

Alongside Facebook, there are a variety of other large companies that want to take part in its development:

  • Microsoft (software as well as hardware)
  • NVidia (graphics chips and processors)
  • Roblox (video games)
  • Apple (software as well as hardware)
  • Autodesk (digital design)
  • Activision (video games)
  • ASML (semiconductors)
  • Qualcomm (semiconductors)
  • Seagate (physical and cloud storage)
  • Advanced Micro Devices (semiconductors)
  • Shopify (online commerce)

Each of the mentioned companies has good businesses in technology (production of computers, mobile phones, consoles, and home or professional video games, software, and computer components). In addition, at the same time, they’ll be required to fully create the Metaverse concept because of their dominance within their respective fields.

In other words, as the experts say, they’re an indirect investment opportunity within the Metaverse since they could gain when the concept proves to be successful, but without taking the direct and unique risk of the Metaverse as they are not assuming the fate of their primary businesses is independent of the success or demise of the idea. Meta (Facebook) is set a timeframe of 5 to 10 years to develop the Metaverse. The experts believe that Meta will be brought into social interaction as a hybrid of social networks and video games. However, in no way will it substitute for our real world’s every day or professional activities.

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