The Havas Group Metaverse

The Havas Group Metaverse office announced its launch.
The brand-new Havas Village will be accessible to the public in The Sandbox in late April 2022.

Havas Group is physically present in more than 100 countries, with more than 68 “villages.”

Havas Group, physically present in more than 100 countries and more than 68 villages, now owns the real estate in The Sandbox, where it is planning to launch its first virtual village, as well as being the first communications organization to join this virtual world to create new avenues for talent and brands.

So, as Havas declares in an announcement, “the real world and the virtual world will join together to create an immersive and enhanced experience in The Havas Village.

The Havas Group Metaverse

Utilizing rich programming with exclusive content, games, and animations that are connected, the Group will hold events, conferences, and concerts to launch products and other activities in”the metaverse.”

In the end, the creation of Havas Village in the metaverse fulfills the objective of helping companies launch “in this exciting new adventure and unite to create an image that is positive with a strong reputation, and establish a strong relationship with gaming.” consumers.”

In fact, in the year 2000, the year of its launch, Havas Group introduced Metaverse by Havas, a new service of consulting, creativity, and media product aimed at brands that, within the metaverse, can see opportunities to reinvent storytelling, branding experiences, and targeting audiences to generate revenue.

“The metaverse provides new media and possibilities for the communications business and brands. In the quest to create new and memorable experiences, connect with new audience segments or strengthen an existing connection, the possibilities are infinite,” said Yannick Bollore, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Havas Group.

Havas The virtual village will offer a recruitment service that is the first in the area of human resources.

The long-term goal is that this immersive and virtual dimension enhances the experience of employees and the integration process.

Celine Merle-Beral, the Global Director of Human Resources at Havas Group, said: “With Havas in The Sandbox, We are in the Metaverse because we believe in its potential for access to innovative and creative profiles skills that range from data to technology. We are creating new standards with our management of campus plans. The Metaverse presents a wonderful chance to draw the top talent of the future.”

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