The Metaverse Future and Internet Investments

The Metaverse future is a concept that a lot of people are talking about nowadays. It can be related to digital environments, investments, cryptocurrencies, and even Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.
The Metaverse is a set of interconnected digital environments that allow a multisensory experience. This type of interaction is cataloged as the future of the internet and aligns with Mark Zuckerberg latest release.

This is Meta, established as the parent company of the Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp platforms. In addition, this change of name (and concept) kicks off the Metaverse development, which was established as the priority for the technology company. According to experts, this digital universe promises to transform users’ online experiences radically.

In this new digital plane, you will be able to interact with friends, do different activities, and even invest in virtual real estate.

Tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Google are already interested in the topic and are expected to join in the development geared towards this technology area.
Below you can review Mark Zuckerberg presentation on Meta, where he talks about this new concept.

How Does It Work?

This new environment would be oriented to be enjoyed with virtual reality glasses. Each user must create an avatar, which would be an extension of the person in cyberspace.

The difference with today’s virtual ecosystem is that everything would happen in three dimensions, with the user immersed in the digital environment through the glasses.

According to its precursors, this new technology would allow new advances in science and medicine, allowing more direct interaction between collaborators.

For example, experts from different countries could gather in the same virtual operating room to witness the same intervention.

The same would happen with work meetings, concerts, and friends or family gatherings. That is to say; you could go to work or be at the recital of your favorite artist without being physically there.

Who Would Create The Metaverse Future?

the metaverse future

Different companies are expected to join the creation of the Metaverse. Microsoft, as mentioned above, Apple and Google could collaborate with Facebook in the construction of the virtual environment, where millions of dollars are already being invested. This new platform is expected to be available to the public in 10 to 15 years.

That is specifically about the large-scale environment of Facebook, but there are already some “Metaverses“, as is the case with some games like Second Life and Sandbox.

The concept was coined in the Snow Crash novel published in 1992 by Neal Stephenson, which recreates a virtual universe based on our universe.

Initiatives on the Metaverse and Virtual Reality

Many are already thinking of taking advantage of these new technologies. Part of this trend is the Chilean startup SORRY MOM, who, in their words, have “adapted to this new way of communicating, offering services using concepts such as cryptocurrencies, virtual reality, social networks, and Metaverses.”

Another aspect of the Metaverse is cryptocurrencies and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Here different users can trade different pieces such as illustrations, works of art, or photographs within a kind of Metaverse created from Ethereum, the virtual currency with which NFT transactions are made.

One person even paid $450,000 to live in American rapper Snoop Dogg’s virtual neighborhood in The Sandbox, a decentralized Ethereum Metaverse game.

The transaction was completed on December 3 through the OpenSea platform, where The Sandbox sells virtual land in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

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