The Metaverse: The Virtual World Investments and the Big Players

The Metaverse is a collection of interconnected and immersive environments that permit multi-sensory interaction on the web is regarded as the next step in the development of the internet and start of virtual world investments. Last year, it was a roaring success that attracted the attention of technology giants like Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and the manufacturer of the NVidia chip.

The curiosity of these firms in a virtual reality where conversations between individuals can occur via virtual avatars controlled with headphones and glasses and headphones has also stimulated the interest of small and medium investors.

Digital Innovation and Blockchain

Specialized Program in Digital Innovation and Blockchain in the IEB (Institute of Securities Market Study) identify three different ways to invest in shares of companies which are part of their business activities in the virtual universe. The purchase of NFTs (non-fungible token) “that represent property with rights of exploitation in the Metaverse”.

In addition to as trading in cryptocurrencies that are part of the Metaverse ecosystem, and via ETFs, investment funds whose shares are traded as though they were shares of which the companies that are linked with this tech are a part or are working toward it shortly.

In this way, brokers such as “Plus 500” are betting on the paths mentioned, offering shares of companies like Facebook (Meta), NVidia, and Disney. Additionally, there are funds like ‘ETF Roundhill Ball Metaverse‘ that are connected to the ‘Ball Metaverse Index‘ which includes 40 companies from all over the globe that are part of the Metaverse.

The Metaverse also provides the opportunity of investing in this virtual universe by investing in CFDs (contracts that trade indifference) of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The seller will reimburse the purchaser the amount between the present value and the value when the agreement expires.

Another instance is example is the Spanish platform that specializes in services for a cryptocurrency called ‘Oubita and has just added 10 new cryptocurrencies to its collection, including MANA (Decentraland) as well as Sand (Sandbox) which is the first of which is an Ethereum token, which can purchase virtual land on the Decentraland platform. In addition, Sand is a token that allows transactions to be conducted on a different platform, dubbed “The Sandbox”.

Virtual World Investments

Virtual World Investments

The Metaverse tokens can be described as a virtual currency that enables users to conduct digital transactions in the Metaverse.

“It might be a boom this year,” however…

What is the most effective option? Do they represent risky investments? However, do they offer huge rewards? Or are we dealing with more stable instruments? According to Sergio Gualix, founder and CEO of ‘Oubita‘ everything connected with Metaverse “could become a major success this year. Many businesses and Metaverses are being launched to appeal to a population of 18-25 years old”.

The Metaverse Technology

Metaverse isn’t a new concept and has been around “for quite a while” however, the major technology companies have come up with ways to make money and make money from this virtual world. However, the chief of “Oubita” cautions against the “very high risk “of this technology and is strongly committed to investing in cryptocurrencies compared to other alternatives like ETFs. This way highlights the long-term character of this type of investment.


The investments “with the highest return, however, with a higher risk ” are cryptocurrency and NFTs (tokens or payment currencies) that comprise the ecosystem of the Metaverse. Therefore, this expert suggests that seeking lower-risk ETFs (investment funds) is the best option. Since the Metaverse has a relatively high growth rate, they will provide us with an acceptable chance of risk” is the conclusion of this specialist.

Particularly, as per an investigation by the specialized consultant company Grayscale Investments, only in the third quarter of 2021, all things related to the Metaverse (also known as web 3.0 (NFTs gaming) has raked in the sum of 1,000 million dollars of financing with 14 agreements. However, only the spending on transactions like the sale of virtual goods, land, and services has surpassed $200 million.

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