The Origin of Metaverse & Impact on the World

Although, the origin of Metaverse is still debatable. However, the excitement for Metaverse is increasing every day, several famous brands have begun projects to participate in Metaverse.

Experts who have made statements regarding the subject have stated that it’s still not feasible for Metaverse to realize its potential using the current technology entirely.

In announcing that it isn’t yet feasible for Metaverse to realize its potential, given the current technology fully, Melih Sefayuz stated, “One of the main reasons for this is because there’s no infrastructure that could connect millions or even thousands of users in the Metaverse universe simultaneously.

It also implies an urgent need for hardware that can provide extremely high processing power; however, current technology isn’t adequate to meet these needs at this point.”

Who Is Going To Inspect? Who will decide the rules?

In a statement that said virtual reality glasses and augmented reality aren’t accessible to everyone, Yavuz said, “Devices are heavy, bulky and overheated. In addition, motion-sensing technology has not reached the standard they need to be at.

Yet another issue is the inability to develop motion sensors that allow avatars to transfer their feet in the present Metaverse reality to digital mediums. While these and other technical issues are present, they can be solved over time.

However, the most important questions to be addressed are what and who in such the universe will be controlled and who will establish the guidelines (if there are any), and who will be the owner of the space? The man stated.

A Digital Economy and the Origin of Metaverse

the origin of Metaverse

As Zuckerberg stated in his presentation, he discussed moving the Internet off the 2D screen and into an immersive 3D digital space. In reality, Metaverse is a three-dimensional spatial projection of the Internet, unlike the current Internet.

Therefore, it’s more than an imaginary universe where various actions can be carried out. Zuckerberg also discusses the possibility of creating an economic system that is digital in the Metaverse in his talk.

Metaverse Is A Ecosystem In Itself

Noting that in Metaverse, in the Metaverse universe, it’s possible to get a job and also engage in social activities, Prof. Angel said, “In Metaverse, you can have a job and social activities.” In addition, Angel said, “You can shop, and you could even own a house.”

The land sales began in Metaverse, and the public’s fascination with land sales is awe-inspiring. There are a variety of coins used to purchase and sell the land in this game.

Thus, the origin of Metaverse is on its path to becoming an ecosystem of its own.

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