The World of Sports NFT and Metaverse

Sports NFT and Metaverse are on the rise all over the world. Not wanting to be left behind, more and more of the sports world are starting to look at using NFT.

The United States sport that is most passionate about NFT fever. The most recent example was the 2022 NBA All-Star in Cleveland at the end of last month.

One of the players in the Slam Dunk contest, Jalen Green (Houston Rockets), showed off his NFT collection shortly before performing a dunk.

In Indonesia, basketball has also become an avid fan of the NFT. The IBL Basketball League has released this collection of NFT merchandise on

Sports NFT and Metaverse

IBL NFT is related to the best moments in the highest basketball league in Indonesia. The launch of the IBL NFT was carried out on the day of the Youth Pledge, October 28, 2021.

The NFT fever in Indonesian sports will certainly not only be IBL. Kolektibel recently collaborated with VIA, and this collaboration is in transforming assets owned by VIA into NFT into the Metaverse ecosystem.

“NFT is the ticket to Metaverse,” said Radhika, CEO of Kolektibel, when contacted by the media Friday (4/3/2022).

As a content producer, VIA has the opportunity to provide NFT supply in the form of exclusive memorabilia content from its programs. The NFT, which will later be launched, reflects VIA’s values ​​in the form of 3 main pillars, namely News, Entertainment, and Sports.

“VIA sees NFT not only as a trend but as a gateway to the use of new content and the birth of a digital ecosystem that is beneficial to the people of Indonesia,” said Chief Executive (CEO) of PT Digi Bintang Sinergi, Ahmad Zulfikar Said.

Factors for Sports NFT and Metaverse Growth

Building an NFT business requires 3 essential factors: rarity, validation from the community, and utility. These three factors are contained in the exclusive content owned by VIA.

These factors are the things that motivate both parties to establish cooperative relationships in creating a conducive ecosystem, thereby encouraging mass movements to enter the world of NFT.

“VIA manages programs that have the opportunity to become memorabilia for important events in Indonesia. NFT gives the memorabilia a new function, namely as video ownership that has value and utility for collectors,” added Pungkas.

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