Victoria’s Secret fashion shows

Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, which are popular every year, ended in 2019. But the company that makes underwear has announced that it will be launching new shows for the Metaverse universe this year.

Victoria’s Secret fashion shows are returning: they will stream on Metaverse

Victoria's Secret fashion shows

The Victoria’s Secret show, which is eagerly anticipated as the “Show of the Year” each year, is enthralled by the question of ‘Who will wear angel wings and be wearing the priciest Bra and who was the first to break the record for viewers during its show, is back on the agenda once more.

Victoria’s Secret, one of the most well-known underwear firms, was forced to shut down the fashion show in 2019. Three months later, the company filed for a patent renewal in the Metaverse, and it signaled that there would be a change in Victoria’s Secret’s fame soon.

In February, the company that makes lingerie submitted a trademark application to the US Patent and Trademark Office. The company’s application was announced via Twitter by trademark lawyer Josh Gerben.


The documents indicate that Victoria’s Secret is also working on opening trademarks for selling virtual products such as footwear, underwear, and clothing. Additionally, he has applied at the Patent Office to register “entertainment services,” including photographs, videos, images, and footage recorded that could be used to create the virtual reality fashion showcase.

American-based Business Insider announced that they have spoken to Victoria’s Secret on the subject but haven’t received an answer.

Victoria’s Secret is among the major brands such as Nike and Adidas, which have applied for patents to protect their brand within the realm of metaphysics. Many of these might not be opening at all; However, experts suggest companies should get their act together instead of sitting in the shadows and missing out.

The Show was Canceled In 2019

“Smart brands will be purchasing virtual stores and in the coming year are going to boost further their efforts to improve their presence and user experience,” stated the website creator for industry experts Retail Prophet.

The company explained why they canceled the show in 2019 in the following manner: “We want to improve the marketing strategy of Victoria’s Secret. We will be in contact with our customers, but no words can adequately describe the magnitude of this fashion show. Due to the decrease in the performance of Victoria’s Secret and the fact that we’ve significantly reduced investments in the business while making sure that our products are a hit with our customers.”

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