Warner Music Group in Metaverse

Warner Music Group in Metaverse with a music-themed space will enter the Sandbox. This universe will be a hybrid between a theme park and a concert venue.

The metaverse and virtual and augmented reality continue to gain prominence exponentially in companies’ innovation strategies. More and more brands want to be part of these virtual worlds and are developing collaboration agreements to carry them out.

In this context, The Warner Music Group has established a partnership with The Sandbox platform, a Metaverse built on Blockchain focused on the world of games.

Thus, the main objective is to open a new corner in your metaverse to create a music-themed world. It will entertain concerts and experiences that will allow the participation of both artists and their fans.

The Sandbox and Warner Music Group have transmitted with satisfaction this announcement of the alliance between both companies. Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice President of Business Development at Warner Music Group said: “As a pioneer, Warner Music has secured the equivalent of a beachfront property in the Metaverse.” social and immersive musical experiences that “will challenge the limitations of the real world.”

Warner Music Group in Metaverse and Innovation In Musical Experiences

Warner Music Group in Metaverse

As part of this agreement, Warner Music will have its own “estate,” the name by which the platform defines virtual land. This digital territory will be a combination of a musical theme park and a concert venue, where users will be able to enjoy the artists of the Warner label. As a consequence of this union, users will be able to acquire a plot adjoining the space of the musical company.

Both companies receive this novelty as a new opportunity for musical and virtual experiences innovation. S├ębastian Borget, COO and Co-Founder at The Sandbox, states: “This strategic partnership with Warner Music Group creates an entertainment destination where creators, fans, and gamers can enjoy unprecedented immersive experiences and be more connected with their favorite music artists through NFTs.

With this move, Warner joins the more than 200 existing partnerships within The Sandbox, allowing players to create their own experiences using characters and worlds, including rapper Snoop Dogg, DJ Steve Aoki, or the Adidas brand.

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