Zeugma ancient city in Gaziantep

The Dionysus House, which was taken away from the Zeugma ancient city in Gaziantep, one of the oldest cities globally and has been relocated into the virtual realm via the Metaverse.

Thousands of local and foreign tourists visit Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. Zeugma Artifacts in the Mosaic Museum Metaverse Started a study to move it to the virtual environment.

Zeugma ancient city in Gaziantep

In this regard, it is worth noting that the Zeugma Dionysos house was the first created in 3D and then added to the virtual world. The history lovers who cannot visit due to distance or time can visit the house through virtual glasses.

The visitors to The House of Dionysus will be capable of communicating through virtual glasses.

A meeting on “The first step towards the Metaverse World from the Smart City Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality took place in the city. In the meeting, the steps to take in Gaziantep to create the metaverse universe that is a cybersocial arrangement was discussed, and the plan of action that Gaziantep should follow was debated.

In this regard, it was mentioned that this virtual reality where it is the 3D style that is the Zeugma Dionysos House is added to the metaverse universe could be followed up by live online meetings, specifically the structures and buildings in the city, as well as mobile apps where online players’ avatars will be able to play.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin said that they had tremendous excitement on the path of science, smart city, e-municipality, and smart city together. She also said they had taken the first step towards an entirely new world.

In announcing that a metaverse is a city-planning tool, Sahin declared that the metaverse universe presents a new chance and a brand new tool for promotion and ads, “Today, we made an important first step in this virtual universe.

Gaziantep’s five ancient cities, museums, inns, geographical indicators, and science centers join the metaverse. A Roman home has been discovered in the region as per the latest discoveries in the region.

The most stunning Period during the Roman Period can be seen in Zeugma. The problem is that people have a limited amount of time. We do not have the luxury of seeing these beautiful things on the internet.

Digitalization helps you get closer to your needs and desires and your goals. It inspires curiosity. Science will blend into art and science and technology and culture. By the end of this, the regional economy and the city’s economy will support the city’s economy,” he added.

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